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04 October 2008 @ 10:29 pm
So, before I get into this, let me just say that I completely respect doctors and all of the shit that they have to go through (like a decade of school and a job system (internship, residency, fellowship, etc) AFTER college, plus all of the shit that they have to go through on a daily basis (dealing with patients who want to self-diagnose on web md, insurance companies, etc.) just to get by. I believe that pretty much all doctors and smarter and more driven than I am.

With that being said, holy cow, I've got a few stories about a specific doc. He must be a genius since his bedside manner pretty much falls on its face.

First story... We go there and at at the end of the examination, we need a follow up. So, I ask what the procedure is for that (since we had to be referred to him). He gets all panicked (I swear he broke out into a cold sweat) and says "Oh, my secretary handles that." He opens the door and looks down to her work station and just freezes. "Hmmm... she should be there. That's her seat, but she's not in it." An awkward silence set in. He looks nervously to us and then to the seat and back to us. "Let me go find her." Eventually he finds her and sends us to her. We are able to make the appointment.

Second story. To keep things simple (for a blog), here's the situation: we have had an procedure on part X of the body, but before the procedure, this doctor had warned us that there may be a problem with part Y. So, at the follow up, he checks part X and says "Oh, this looks good. X is healing up really well." We think: "Oh, good. but what about Y?" So, we ask about Y.

He gets confused and says "But, we did the procedure on X, right? I'm looking at that now." "OK, good," we say, "but is Y looking OK?"
Looking even more confused, doc says "I really think that we did the procedure on X."
We say "Right, we did the procedure on X, but you warned us about Y as well."
"X is looking pretty good."
Eventually, he told us that Y is looking good as well.

Third story. There was a six month follow up from the second story. We go back for an ultrasound to make sure everything's in working order. He comes in the room and looks around very confused like and says "Usually we schedule this appointment for an ultrasound." I look at him and say "Yeah, that's why we're here." He looks at me and the looks out the door and mutters something unintelligible and then walks out the door. He comes back and says "OK, this isn't a problem. I'll be right back." and leaves and closes the door. As it turns out the ultrasound machine was in a different room than the room that we were in and there was another patient in that room. Probably wouldn't have been that hard to explain that to me. O well.

The good news is that we got a clean bill of health and we'll probably not need his services any longer.
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01 October 2008 @ 11:19 am
So, last week, the wife, the kid and I are all sick as dogs.  The kidlet has been put to sleep for the night and Joy and I eat dinner, completely exhausted.  She then asks "We have a special desert tonight. Do you want some cake?"  Being a huge fan of cake, I say "Yes, please!"  Then, she brings out a pie.

I look at it all disappointed-like.  Then, it hits me.  I can use this to continue the silly Portal meme.  So, I smile at her and say:  "Wait.  Are you telling me ... that the cake is a lie?"

Not missing a beat, she comes back with "No.  The cake is a pie."

THAT, my good reader is how I know that I've got the best woman in the world.  Even better than Dame Edna.
07 August 2008 @ 12:08 pm
Arg!!  Well, I *was* going to post about Blockbuster today.  I *was* going to have some witty and humorous about how Blockbuster used to have 7 day rentals and then 7 day grace period after that.  But now they've changed it to only being a 3 day rental and then late fees starting the next day.  It was going to be a hilarious romp culminating in a line something along the lines of "It's like Blockbuster doesn't want my money."

But no... Skoot had to go and rick roll me today. I was IMing with his lovely wife and showing her my pic gallery.  So, he goes and steals her IM session, writes me a message along the lines of "Are you outside in this pic?  <link> it looks like grass."  I think to myself, "That's odd...  Idon't think that I have any outside pics.  lemme clikc the link like a dumbass."  Turns out he stole my 404 page and pointed it at a RR.  Bastard.

So, I was all pissed that the score was 5-5.  But then it hit me that I forgot about an answertone that I hooked up to my phone the other day.  So, I had an extra point that I forgot about.

Official score : 6-5.  Phil's favor.

Though another mention of Skoot's freaking luck should be mentioned.  I hacked on to his home computer in order to plant a few rick rolls.  I actually got in, but Remote Desktop wouldn't actually log on.  Waited for about 10 minutes.  No dice.  I also tried to log in as his local user, but couldn't crack the password.  I figured it's getting late, I can try tomorrow.  Sadly though, Skoot woke up in the morning and saw "Administrator" on the log in screen (it was a hidden account before), and disabled the account.  Turns out that his computer just takes a *really* long time to log on. So, once again, Skoot's luck saves the day.  Dammit.
31 July 2008 @ 01:11 pm
OK the title was a reference to a Garth Brooks song, but I live in the South, so it's OK. Plus, it's not like I used a Chris Gaines reference.  Anyways....

Just a quick update on the score on the Rick Roll contest.  Skoot got me earlier in the week by hiding a link in the admin panel of the fantasy football message board, after he asked me to be the commissioner  this year.  Very sneaky, you son of a monkey.  He claims that that's not the reason that he asked me to run the FFL this year, but you can never really trust Skoot.

So, I fired back this afternoon in an impromptu attack.  See, when I was younger, I read the Family Circus religiously (no pun intended...).  And Scott Kurtz (http://www.pvponline.com/) is running an arch where one of the characters is going through other comic strips.  I thought that this one (http://www.pvponline.com/2008/07/31/family-troll-part-four/) was particularly funny, but he didn't really get it.  So, I had to dig out one of the Family Circus's walking strips.  I swear that it ran more often than I found it, but I did the bait and switch on the link.  So, that means that the socre now stands at 6-4, in my favor. 

Good luck, Skoot - you jerk.  :-)

UPDATE:  Skoot, totally taking the little bitch crown, actually side stepped the family bait a switch.  Here's the log that made me think that I got him:
[13:03] Skoot: why the big black line behind them
[13:03] Skoot: and do i care about all the shit in their yard ?
[13:03] Phil: That's the joke.
[13:03] Skoot: but is that a family circus thing ?
[13:03] Skoot: the line
[13:03] Skoot: like, why is it there ?
[13:04] Phil: http://www.gfy.ku.dk/~ams/sh/img/familycircus1.jpg
[13:04] Phil: Finally.
[13:04] Skoot: man
[13:04] Skoot: i totaly didn't even call RR
[13:04] Skoot: scared the shit out of me
[13:04] Phil: Awesome!
[13:05] Phil: I had totally the same thing on the admin panel the other day.  :-)
[13:05] Phil: But seriously:
[13:05] Phil: http://www.gfy.ku.dk/~ams/sh/img/familycircus1.jpg

Apperantly he cut and paste the original URL into IE and thus avoided the RR.  Bastardo!  So, the score remains 5-4, my favor.
03 June 2008 @ 11:24 am
Hi Baby,

I know that we sometimes have our problems.  I mean, remember a few years back when you decided to convert all of the channel to digital?  I know that you forgot to mention it.  You thought "It'll be a great suprise."  But it wasn't, was it?  No.  You killed all of my scheduled recordings on the DVR.  But I didn't get mad.  I just shrugged and said "OK, I'll put them back in.  No worries."

Then last year, when that new housing development was put in down the street and my Cable, Phone, and Internet went out?  You kept denying that it was you fault.  "No, No!" you cried!  "Surely, it's your faulty wiring in the house."  Even though I told you that it had been fine for years and it was only a problem on certain days, I still gave you the benefit of the doubt and let you send your guys to check out my house several times.  Though I did draw the line at having the house rewired by your boys, I thought that we were still OK.  Eventually, you wised up and fixed it on the backend.

And remember just a few days ago when you pushed that new software update for the DVR down our throats?  I gave it a few days and then noticed that although there were benefits (like seeing shows that started at odd times (11:45)), but now I've noticed some more problems.  Baby, you're making it hard for me to stay by you when you do stuff like this:
  • Drop shows from my scheduled recordings for no reason whatsoever.
  • Change show recordings (No, baby, Law and Order SVU is not the same as Law and Order).
  • Take an extra 30 seconds or so to turn the cable box on.
  • Make it a helluva lot more difficult to record serieses.
  • Change how to delete shows and just make the process about twice as complicated for no reason at all.
The list goes on an on baby.  Why are you hurting me like this?  I give you nothing but love.  (Well, that and $130 per month.)  Why are you lashing out at me?  Is it because I use Vonage as opposed to your silly much more expensive phone service?  Baby, I just do that cuz I don't want to overstress you.

But honey.  I need to draw line in the sand...  If you decide to implement that silly capped bandwidth thing here that you are trying in Texas....  Baby.  I swear to Gord, I will dump you for your handicapped and useless sister Satellite.  I don't want to, but darling, I can only be pushed so far. 


The Bahai Samurai
30 May 2008 @ 11:24 am
So, I do have to apologize to my legion of fan (key-lime-guy, I'm looking at you), for the Rick Roll in my last post.  I didn't realize that people were actually reading my blog, so I was thinking that this would go under the radar.  But, please, lemme 'splain.

See, my buddy Skoot and I are having a Rick Roll competition.  Last October, I got him, and we decided to have a year long competition to see who could get who the most.  Right now, the score stands at 5 - 3 in my favor.  Here's the break down so far:

Phil scores:  1-0 : Just lied about a link in a URL and started the competition.
Skoot scores:  1-1 : HTML redirect from his home page. (It seems to simple now...)
Skoot scores:  1-2:  a 404 redirection from a domain he manages (very proud of this one...)
Phil scores:  2-2:  Through anonymousexposed.com (no longer working...)
Skoot scores:  2-3:  Through an auto phone dialer (first blow taken off the internet - very devious)
Phil scores:  3-3:  Phil pastes a link into a Trillian chat log, but changes the text on the glass to be a different URL
Phil scores:  4-3:  Sends a recordable Mother's Day Card to skoot.  (Kinda beautiful.)
Phil scores:  5-3:  Transports a CD of pics from Burning Man to skoot in person (props to Ben for that idea....)  Semi-controversal since Phil dismissed a Zone Alarms pop up to block the autoplay.

Honorable Mentions:
Phil hacks Skoot's phone to set the ringtone as a RR.  Everyone agrees genius, but doesn't count since Skoot didn't take action, it was ruled not allowed.
Phil points Skoot's Wii to this blog.   Didn't work since Skoot just turned off his Wii when he got home (I knew that I should have put it back on the shelf!)
Phil puts a script to be run on start up, but freaking Zone Alarms trips it for some reason.  Skoot avoids by not allowing it to start.
Skoot gives Phil back the Mother's Day card, taped in a closed Wii case.  The tape doesn't hold and the card doesn't open.  Phil lucks out.

There have also been a slew of attempts in Trillian chats and random web posts, but nothing really to make the cut.  We're going till October, so stay tuned!
27 May 2008 @ 08:58 am
And it's
</lj-embed> for Skoot...